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Text "know plan go" with a yellow arrow pointing right, against a light blue background.
Graphic displaying the text "know the risks" with a list of health conditions on a notepad, emphasizing awareness for people aged 50 years and above.
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Muse & Motif was appointed to create an awareness campaign for a new Oral Anti-Viral (OAV) treatment for those at risk of severe COVID-19. 


Before the campaign, prescription treatments for COVID-19 were largely unknown and unheard of by the mass public. 

The lack of awareness posed a real risk because those who really needed the prescriptions did not have access to any information or actionable steps  to efficiently manage their risks of severe COVID-19. 

Our strategy is to empower the public to take back control over these looming uncertainties and risks—to know exactly what to do, with the right plan in place and knowledge of where to go when COVID-19 strikes.  


We anchored the entire patient journey into three clear and actionable steps: #KnowPlanGo

– KNOW your risks: the public is directed to assess their risk for themselves and their family members online seamlessly. 

– PLAN when COVID strikes: encourage proactive testing and awareness of one’s symptoms before they become more severe.

– GO take action: visit a healthcare provider to find out more about fully subsidised OAV treatments. 

Based on these three steps, we rolled out a through-the-line campaign covering:

– Campaign jingle video that turns ‘Know, Plan, Go’ into a relatable mnemonic singalong.

– OOH advertising amplifying the campaign narrative.

– Social media campaign focused on awareness of OAV and its available subsidies.

– Patient advocacy event titled, Kopitalk, where healthcare professionals join TV personalities Chew Chor Meng and Choo Houren to shed light on the essentials of these treatments and navigate through their importance, eligibility, and accessibility. 

– Media relations presenting regional consumer survey insights.

– B2B industry tradeshow and roundtable that highlighted the science and efficacy of OAV treatments.

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