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Pledging towards a Healthier SG


Muse & Motif was tasked by Pfizer to reposition booster vaccinations as an essential vaccine that aligns with Healthier SG, the nation’s proactive approach to health. 


This brief came at a period when vaccine fatigue was starting to set in. The idea of vaccinations was synonymous with fear, lockdowns and uncertainty. 

Our strategy was to close this perception gap to regain public trust and uplift the community’s impression of what vaccines can symbolise. 

The campaign’s sole purpose was to inspire behavioural change as one community in solidarity.


Our strategists introduced #FortheFutureofUs, a macro narrative that invited fellow Singaporeans to pledge towards a healthier future along three key thrusts of motivation: 

– Resilience: Let’s protect those around us. Together, we go further.

– Reinforce: Singaporeans have emerged strong. Time to get stronger.

– Reward: Booster leads to a more rewarding quality of life.

Through the intuitive act of pledging online, this campaign fostered a collective spirit of progress that was novel in vaccination campaigns—beyond healthcare, the message was relatable in all forward-looking endeavours amongst Singaporeans.

In our integrated roll-out, our creative team anchored the messaging in a short film that was aired on social media and multiple prime spots in Golden Village cinema screenings. OOH key visuals were also adapted across buses, trains, hawker centres and high-traffic halls at Changi airport. 

On the digital front, we created a microsite where the public can pledge, supported by a 6-month social media campaign that highlighted key messages by healthcare professionals and influencers. 

Main Activation
Woman smiling, seated in front of a beige background, with text about health information and pfizer logo.
Man in a white shirt sitting with crossed arms, looking at the camera, with text promoting health screenings and vaccinations, including pfizer and ufuture logos.

Beyond digital and outdoor advertising, we launched ‘Project Vax: Protect What Matters’, an experiential event at Suntec City featuring multiple zones of interactive installations and an exclusive collaboration with local artist, Ah Guo.

As part of our stakeholder management capabilities, this event also hosted a network of multiple associations, organisations and patient advocacy groups to amplify the campaign outreach on-ground. This included VIPs from Duke NUS, SATA CommHealth, Mediacorp, Singapore Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Foundation, Kidney Dialysis Foundation, Google, Amazon and more.

Group of four kids and two adults sitting in a living room with plush toys and plants, looking at the camera.
KOL & Celebrity Management
Asian woman holding a young boy, both smiling, with text "for the future" and logos for pfizer and ufutures.
An older asian man in a gray traditional outfit gestures a small number one with his hand, with text promoting a personalized health plan and pfizer and future for singapore logos.

Leveraging the influence of public figures across all target demographics, this campaign tapped on some prominent names for both our creative assets and event publicity. 

Our pre-event key visuals featured familiar names such as Choo Houren, Joel Choo and Andrea Chong, each endorsing the campaign’s pledges and engaging the crowd. This series alone went on to garner well over 85,000 online impressions leading up to event day.

The launch featured a crowd-favourite celebrity segment where we invited over 11 artistes from local legends Desmond Tan, Zoe Tay and Xiang Yun, to KOLs Hazelle Teo, Annette Lee, Regene Lim, Raynold Tan, Benzo and more. Thousands of shoppers, fan club members and supporters joined in the venue crowd, effectively skyrocketing the awareness and conversations around our campaign. 

Three people wave to an audience during an event; two women in colorful dresses and one man in casual attire, standing on a blue carpeted stage.
Vertical image of a newspaper article headlined "success of covid-19 jabs could boost vaccine acceptance: panel," discussing the potential positive impact of vaccine effectiveness on public attitudes.

We created a campaign to reposition the vaccine as an essential part of Singapore’s health and wellness plan. Aiming towards increasing the overall public intention to vaccinate, we measured this objective using both the awareness metrics as well as the number of pledges gathered during this campaign.

On these fronts, as of March 2024, we have successfully secured over 980k in PR value with over 42 pieces of coverage. Our reach across earned media, digital and KOL engagement totaled to approximately 3 million impressions. 

Of all the health and wellness pledges received online and during the event, close to 50% were vaccination focused pledges. This insight was particularly favourable as it served as a success indicator that vaccination is becoming more associated to a healthy lifestyle, validating our macro-objective for this campaign. 

Text headline stating "s'pore's covid-19 jabs success sets stage for broader vaccine acceptance: roundtable panellists.
Text in chinese reading "行业情报家: 对话比亚迪刘振宇在财智," with date and time stamp, october 9, 2023, 11:41 pm.
Four experts sit on a panel with a "pfizer" banner in the background, discussing covid-19 in a forum titled "navigating covid-19 into the endemic era and beyond.