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Muse & Motif led an 8-month mission with Pfizer to increase overall public awareness around pneumococcal pneumonia, with strategies to drive its vaccination uptake for adults aged 65 and above.


Vaccination rates amongst the ageing demographic are at a low despite the subsidies available and the critical fact that the ageing population is significantly more vulnerable. Statistics revealed at least 1 death in every 7 cases due to complications.

Engaging this elder target audience with facts and fear will not be effective enough. Pfizer needed a resonating lifestyle narrative that would position the vaccination as a proactive health measure.


Our main differentiator was to shift the perception of the vaccination from a medical intervention to a proactive step towards personal wellbeing, leveraging on the evolving conversations and credibility surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines.

To that end, we adopted a phased approach across multi-channel touchpoints structured in three stages: build Awareness, encourage Consideration and drive Conversion.

We were closely embedded with our partners in the creative process, overseeing the design and copywriting across Facebook ads, SEM search ads, digital panels and KOL engagements.


Despite most of the media attention on the pandemic, we managed to exceed our targets and achieved positive outcomes towards the campaign objectives. With engaging content and effective implementation, we saw an uptake in the public’s overall interest in finding out more about the vaccination.

The results were also attributed to the campaign’s compelling narrative, communicated across paid advertorial features on CNA and the ‘Ask the Experts’ series on The Straits Times.