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Muse & Motif led the mission to increase overall public awareness around pneumococcal pneumonia and drive its overall vaccination uptake as a preventive measure. 

Initially rolled-out to target those aged 65 and above with high-risk chronic conditions, an additional vaccination was introduced concurrently with a broader coverage suitable for multi-generations from children to adults and even infants. 

Our objective was to implement multiple vaccination campaigns effectively (for PCV13 & PCV20), each resonating with a different demographic with its own motivations.  


Vaccination rates amongst the ageing demographic have remained low despite the critical fact that those above 65 are significantly more vulnerable, making up about 25% of the total deaths among elderly persons.

Beyond this illness-focused approach, the benefits of vaccinations also dovetailed with Singapore’s Healthier SG efforts to shift the health system from its current reactive orientation to a proactive and preventive healthcare approach amongst Singaporeans as a whole.  

The campaign needed a narrative that was in its right place, broad yet relatable to Singaporeans from different generations to adopt a proactive approach against pneumonia.


Muse & Motif leveraged the evolving conversations surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines as a springboard for discussions on the adult pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination. Our main strategy was to create an integrated campaign that would cut through the general skepticism towards the vaccine, as well as the growing fatigue in conversations around the topic. So that we can effectively shift the perception from a medical intervention to a proactive health measure.

To this end, we adopted a phased approach across multi-channel
touchpoints structured in three stages:

  1. build Awareness, 
  2. encourage Consideration
  3. and drive Conversion. 

We were closely embedded with our partners in the creative process, overseeing the design and copywriting across Facebook ads, SEM search ads, digital panels and KOL engagements. 

This 360° approach ensured consistent targeted messages that engaged multiple generations to drive the overall intent to vaccinate. 

With the right messaging and media strategy, a simple shot was more than prevention; it represented the act of Singaporeans taking charge of their health and wellbeing.

Engaging the elderly online


Across the 8-month campaign, we doubled our intended media coverage while achieving the campaign goal to drive the intention to vaccinate amongst the elderly.

This performance surpassed all expectations as the campaign period coincided with the media’s primary attention on the COVID-19 pandemic. The results were also attributed to the campaign’s compelling narrative, communicated across paid advertorial features on CNA and the ‘Ask the Experts’ series on The Straits Times. 

By reframing the typically fearful and negative topic of vaccines, we were able to garner as much as 91.8% more than our targeted advertorial page views months even before the campaign ended.    

The click-through rate on Facebook ads, SEM search ads and google ad words averaged an impressive 1.91% (close to an average of 7x  higher than initial targets). 

The campaign also met its main objective to drive the intent to vaccinate on, exceeding the conversion goal by 37.8%. 

In view of these positive outcomes, Muse & Motif is currently in discussions with Pfizer to implement the next phase of the campaign.


More than campaign goal to drive increased conversion.


Campaign’s click through rate on ads

257k +

Unique Visitors

42 MIL

Impressions on

Media features

Lianghe Zaobao

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The Straits Times

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Channel News Asia

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96.3 Hao FM

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A collage of diverse images including news article headers, a virtual meeting screenshot, and a weather forecast.

KOL and HCLs Engagement Efforts

KOL Engagement Liu Ling Ling and Dr Leong Choon Kit

Within a month of posting, Liu Ling Ling’s video has garnered close to 39,652 impressions and over 30,000 in reach, with an engagement rate of 2.36%.

Health awareness poster about the importance of pneumococcal vaccine with two individuals engaging in a dialogue about protection and consulting a doctor.

KOL Engagement Choo Hou Ren, Joel Choo and Dr Chong Jia An

Muse & Motif worked on the script with Pfizer and the appointed HCP to review and refine the video featuring Choo Hou Ren and Joel Choo. This video was published on both Pfizer’s Facebook page and the artistes’ Instagram pages in April.

A scene from a television show featuring two characters having a conversation at a table with text overlays that include a character's name and a piece of dialogue.

KOL Engagement Michelle and Papa Chong

This video shoot featuring Michelle and Papa Chong was intentionally produced and targeted for engagement during the World Inmunisation Week, as part of the culmination of the campaign.

An informational presentation about the pneumococcal vaccine, featuring an elderly man listening to a woman who might be a healthcare provider.




Intention to Vaccine