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Muse & Motif embarked on a collaboration with the Forest Conversation Fund (FCF), a non-profit organisation, to boost awareness around one of its latest reforestation initiatives in the indigenous lands in northeastern Philippines.


As part of the Philippines’ government-led, ‘Build Build Build’ programme, major roadworks are underway to construct a new highway through the Sierra Madre mountains and rainforest.

This commercialisation project encroaches into endangered wildlife territories as well as the homes of the indigenous Dumagat people, posing a critical threat that may erode the identity and culture for generations of natives.

The local community is in dire need to reclaim their homeland and livelihoods and is looking for a voice to share their story with the world.

An elderly woman sitting with a contemplative expression amongst other individuals in a dimly lit setting.

With FCF spearheading the supporting initiatives, our main objective was to lead from a communications standpoint and shed light on the latest news, progress and impact made on the ground.

To make that happen, we adopted a journalistic approach that led us on a 4D3N journey with eyes and ears on the pulse of the situation in real-time.

The team was joined by representatives from CNA Insider and The Washington Post, both outlets closely following FCF’s reforestation process, as well as the personal stories of the natives there.

Man walking through shallow water in a coastal area, with text overlay discussing a philippine tribe's efforts to protect their land.

CNA Insider:


The group witnessed the reforestation process of planting native trees across 400 hectares (or 560 football fields). The locals were also equipped with knowledge in conservation governance and skills to serve as forest guards.

On the communications front, both CNA Insider and The Washington Post released detailed features, documenting the backstory and first-hand accounts of the situation and challenges faced by the local community.

Three people having a conversation while sitting on a pedal-powered vehicle on a rural path.
Newspaper article discussing the role of birds of prey in the conservation efforts of the indigenous people in the philippines.
Three individuals in traditional attire standing amongst tropical forest vegetation.
Four individuals on a rocky outcrop beside water, one holding a traditional bow and arrow aloft.

The Washington Post: