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Muse & Motif was commissioned to steer the public and patients’ perspectives
on migraines, towards a headspace of support, empathy and understanding.


It is commonplace to brush off a migraine as ‘just another headache’, especially for the majority who have not experienced its debilitating effects. 

For patients, however, this reality was different and impossible to ignore. Migraine remains one of the biggest hurdles affecting their personal, social and professional lives. Often misunderstood and unspoken, the journey to overcome this condition is a lonely one. 

Our mission was to get the masses to understand the harsh realities of living with migraine. More importantly, to kickstart crucial conversations of effective relief and support within the patient community. 


We adopted a multi-pronged approach across web, social media, educational outreach in schools and workplaces, and even held frequent focus groups with patients to document their experiences first-hand. 

Our social media campaign served as a quick resource for patients and the public to understand the nature of migraine, its triggers, pain relief tips and treatment. These digital efforts also
served to direct audiences to the campaign’s microsite, where they assess their symptoms for a more accurate diagnosis. 

As an all-in-one resource hub for the campaign, the microsite also featured real-life accounts of migraine patients. These stories and insights were documented from our focus group interviews with patients, and doubled up as content angles for our media relations efforts.

Our team also introduced the Migraine Literacy Programme, an outreach initiative hosted by KOLs and healthcare professionals across schools and organisations to further amplify awareness around the campaign.

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A woman lying in bed with her hand on her forehead.