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Muse & Motif was appointed as the agency on record for Geneco, an electricity retailer in Singapore. For over 30 months, we managed the company’s corporate communications, social media and campaign activities.


Geneco stands as the 2nd largest provider in the residential sector amongst the OEM retailers in Singapore. As the consumer-facing brand of its group, YTL PowerSeraya, Geneco presented opportunities to scale market leadership and a vision of sustainable energy.

Our challenge was to effectively leverage these opportunities from a creative and communications perspective in a time when the electricity market was at its most volatile.

In 2021, five electricity retailers notably exited the industry, leaving just eight remaining. Ensuring the consistency of the brand narrative across consumer-facing content and its corporate vision became an urgent priority.


With the new appointment of Geneco’s CEO, Lim Han Kwang, Muse & Motif provided crucial communications consultations to refine the executive positioning and key messages for stakeholders.

To increase conversations and awareness around the group and its retail brand, the team continuously secured mainstream media coverage opportunities with an intentional content strategy and proactive pitching.

In efforts to stay ahead of looming uncertainties, Muse & Motif also formulated a crisis playbook together with Geneco, priming the brand with strategies to address any unforeseen negative press.

IG Posts

On the consumer front, our key messaging focused on simple everyday sustainable living, effectively engaging audiences with social media campaigns including


#ToOurFutureGenerations and


Social Media Campaigns

Within the first 10 months, we rolled out 6 campaigns and collaborated with 50 influencers to expand Geneco’s social media reach.

From mid-2020 to mid-2022, the team delivered an additional 9 online campaigns that included crowd favourites such as Geneco’s Stack & Save Promotions, Change Brings Prosperity and Jolly Big Savings.

Offline, we assisted and executed a total of 7 campaigns in 2 years including The FoodBank—Feed the City campaign and the Geneco Christmas Lodge, garnering 20 media features for the brand.


Muse & Motif successfully rolled out more than 20 campaigns online and offline, effectively growing its social following and PR value.

Five of Geneco’s campaigns from 2020 to 2022 were also nominated for awards by Marketing Interactive, as well as the President’s Award for the Environment.