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PR Agency Singapore.

Amplifying purposeful brand objectives for maximum impact

We position brands at the vantage point through quantifiable data, tangible insight and actionable long-term strategy.


Enhancing the quality of life for the elderly

Muse & Motif led an 8-month mission with Pfizer to increase overall public awareness around…

Elevating public health awareness 

Muse & Motif was engaged by Pfizer to spearhead a 9-month awareness campaign for the…

Empowering our indigenous communities

Muse & Motif embarked on a collaboration with the Forest Conversation Fund (FCF), a non-profit…

Paving the future of the energy market

Muse & Motif was appointed as the agency on record for Geneco, an electricity retailer…
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why work with us


Muse & Motif is proudly the first in our field to be part of the B1G1 global business giving movement. We are here to do good for the world we work and thrive in.



The more we donate, the better the world. Our work becomes a win on all fronts that matter.


Imagine pledging support to a charity or cause each time a business milestone is achieved.


That is what the B1G1 enables us to do. Our giving
commitment goes hard in hand with a fixed set of comany goels. Each month, as we achieve a goal, we will donate to speceifx causes closest to our heart.

Impact on Clients

This way, the impact of our work scales infinitely. The more we achieve, the happier our clients.

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